Chichen Itza

The Mayan archaeological site is located near the small town of Piste just past Valladolid. The Maya name “Chichen Itza” means “At the mouth of the well of the Itza.”

There you will  the famous Temple of Kukulcan also known as the “Castillo”, the Great Ball Court, an arena for ancient ballgames. You will also see that Carvings of warriors, skulls and the Mayan feathered snake god Kukulkan are still discernible.

To get to Chichen Itza from Casa Dibou take the higway heading to Coba, then to Chichen Itza. You’ll find it easily!!

In Chichen Itza do not miss the Hacienda Chichen !! If you decide to go early to Chichen Itza you can have breakfast there and take some time to visit the hacienda. It is very pretty.  See full post here: Hacienda Chichen


Chichen Itza location here

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